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As a child, we’re not taught what to do if we get into a car accident in Athens. They don’t teach us this in school. They don’t even teach us this kind of stuff in driving school. You may go through your entire life without ever having to deal with a car accident. But for a lot of people, this just isn’t the case.

It’s important that you know what to do in a car accident. It’s also important to know what not to do. What you do in the hours following your crash can affect the rest of your life. It really is that crucial.

So, we wanted to give you a few tips on what you should do if you’re ever in a car accident. If you follow these steps, you should be in good shape to protect your interests. It will also give you the best shot at getting the compensation you deserve.

You’re going to need a car accident attorney in Athens, Georgia if you do get in a car crash. He will be depending on you to do the right thing immediately after your car wreck.

Make Sure You Call the Police

Whether you want to or not, you have to call the police immediately after your car accident. This is no good reason not to call the cops. Some people think that cops only complicate things. Other people are in a rush and don’t want to wait around for the cops to do their investigation.

Some of the reasons people are tempted to not call the police include:

  • The damage to both cars seems minimal and neither driver thinks it’s necessary to get the police involved
  • the other driver asks you not to call the police and offers to pay for any damage to your vehicle
  • You’re in a rush and don’t want to wait for the police
  • Nobody seems to hurt so it doesn’t seem necessary to call the cops
  • You’re afraid you’ll get a ticket and don’t want to risk the cops being there
  • One of the drivers has warrants out for their arrest

No matter what your reason or excuse is, don’t make the mistake of not calling the police. You need the police to investigate the scene. They’re going to create a police report that your lawyer is going to need to prove your case.

Never Refuse Medical Treatment

Another big mistake accident victims make is not going to the hospital. Even if you don’t think you’re injured, you have to get checked out. You have no idea if you have internal injuries or some other ailment. Not all injuries are obvious. And, if you don’t get checked out, they can prove dangerous or even fatal.

When the cops come to the scene, they’re going to ask you if you’re hurt. They’ll ask if you need an ambulance. The answer to this question is always yes. Even if you don’t feel like you’re hurt, you need medical treatment. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • You could have injuries that you don’t see such as a traumatic brain injury
  • Your attorney will need to prove your injuries and medical records are the best way to do this
  • You need to get the tests necessary to determine how bad your injuries are
  • You want to make sure you’re okay

Never Talk to the Other Driver Any More Than Necessary

One thing your car accident lawyer in Athens will tell you is to keep your mouth shut. Don’t talk to the other driver anymore than absolutely necessary. You have no idea how the other driver will twist your words.

The cop will get a statement from both drivers. There’s no reason for you to give a statement of anyone else.

Don’t Post About Your Accident on Social Media

No matter how much you want to, never post about your car accident on social media. Anything you say can be used against you. If you post pictures of your car or your injuries, the defendant’s attorney will twist it to use against you.

Don’t Accept a Settlement Without Talking to Your Athens Car Accident Lawyer

When you first file your claim with the insurance company, they may offer you a settlement for less than your full damages. Never accept a settlement without talking to your lawyer. The insurance company will offer a low-ball offer and make you sign a release. Once you do this, you can never go back to them for more money.

Call today and schedule your free consultation with an auto accident attorney in Athens, Georgia. Let him review your case and tell you what it’s really worth. The good news is, you pay nothing you settle your case.

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