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Waking up one day and realizing that you have no use of your limbs is more than a shock. Or, maybe you’ll learn that you will live through life with extreme scarring from burns. The ongoing talk from friends and family won’t be as constructive as it sounds.

“You’re so lucky,” is a phrase that many survivors hear often. It’s true. You are lucky to have survived. But it’s not the same. Your life has changed, and you must adapt. If you are dealing with life after a serious car accident injury, call the Athens auto accident lawyers at Massey Law, we fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Life with Paralysis or Loss of Limb

Finding support while keeping your spirits up is hard. Then you have everyone telling you to stay positive, to keep pushing. You can and should remain positive, but you should also turn to others in the same situation.

Life with paraplegia or loss of any limb is difficult to accommodate at first. In five years, you may not even notice the adjustments anymore.

Learn to accommodate your new abilities as well as any other changes. Work with others who have gone through a similar recovery. The Christopher Reeve Foundation not only has various resources for information but guidance on new living as well. They label their information almost as courses to outline the learning process.

Changes That Require Lifelong Medical Care

Back injuries are among the most common that could require lifelong medical care. However, brain damage is the most likely to lead to lifelong medical treatment. A brain injury can leave you entirely dependent on nurses or medical staff for support and daily needs.

When these types of wrecks happen, it is most likely that you’ll have a good assessment of your recovery timeline. However, when you start your lawsuit, you’ll want to ensure that your medical team covers everything. To do that, you’ll want to arrange for a meeting with an expert witness with a medical background.

Finding Support Emotionally and Physically

Your medical care is a top priority. However, you can’t neglect your emotional or physical support needs. If you’re newly injured, it can be difficult asking for help, and at some point, you won’t be able to ask for help every time. The best that you can do is create a stable and reliable support system. Ideally, your emotional support system will empower you to take on new challenges in a controlled and well-planned manner.

Your emotional support system may initially seem like your family, built-in support. That, however, may be more difficult than initially imagined. A fair amount of research has gone into the impact of a spinal cord injury on families.

Some families report shock, numbness, disbelief. Spouses will often not know how to act, and that can, unknowing to them, make it difficult to rely on them for support. When people look at support, they often overlook peer support. There is more help available than people initially imagine. Talk to your doctor, or attorney, about finding emotional support in your area.

Don’t Neglect the Need for Financial Relief

Medical needs, the feeling for support when it may seem like you’re separated from everyone else, and debt. These things are quickly overwhelming. The debt is something that you can manage, however. After a crash, the person behind the wheel of that other vehicle should take responsibility for their actions.

It doesn’t matter if they blew a light, hit you out of road rage, or were driving drunk. The bigger deal here is that they’re responsible, and their insurance provider should take care of your medical debt. With some systems in place, you can get a medical lien and not see your medical bills until your settlement or judgment comes in. That’s the ideal situation wherein the least you and your family are not bothered by medical billing departments or debt collectors.

While you’re at it with the medical bills, keep careful track of the other areas of your finances impacted by the crash.

Call Ross Massey Your Athens Auto Accident Attorneys

Serious injuries change lives, and people live with them day after day. You can even learn to thrive and reach new goals while you navigate your recovery. Our goal at Massey Law is to get victims of a wreck the support they need to recover financially. We help bring together a strong demand letter and claim to work toward the best chance to get your compensation.

Getting your recovery started will demand medical care, which is expensive. To manage your full recovery, you’ll need support. Call Massey Law and get started on handling your car accident claim.

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