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In the event of a minor car accident in Georgia with a driver who is reckless or inattentive, it is likely that you’ll be concerned with the recovery of damages and financial compensation. Let us say your vehicle was not seriously damaged and you were hit by a reckless driver. There are still some circumstances under which you might be able to recover the damages, especially if you have been injured.

According to the Crash Analysis, Statistics and Information Notebook 2008 prepared by the Georgia Department of Transportation, the following statistics were reported:

  • Number of traffic accidents: 342,534
  • Number of people injured in traffic accidents: 133,555
  • Number of traffic fatalities: 1,703
  • Crashes per day: 1,198

How Do You Define a Minor Car Accident in Georgia?

The result of traffic accidents can sometimes appear as if the vehicles have suffered just minor damage at first glance. For instance, motorists might unveil that their vehicles have only sustained minor dents or damage, such as broken headlights or taillights.

Folding fenders are a common example of collisions caused by a driver who fails to stop behind another motorist, such as at a traffic light or other intersection. Reverse accidents are also a possibility. Drivers may lose control of their vehicle if they ignore the red lights in front of them and type a message while driving. Consequently, they may collide with a car in front of them in an attempt to stop.

Accidents Involving Vehicles Can Cause Serious Injuries:

Regardless of the severity of property damage that occurs in some crashes as compared to others, all collisions can result in serious injuries or even death to those involved. However, all accidents can cause serious injury or death to those involved, depending on the circumstances and how the force of the impact affects them. A minor collision even can cause concussions, twisted muscles, broken bones, and lacerations.

Whiplash is one of the most common types of injuries witnessed in a car crash. Whiplash is caused by a violent motion of the head backward and forwards. It is common in backing up accidents and occurs from a strong back and forth motion.

Whiplash hurts differently for each person, and while some survivors may recover within a few weeks, others may endure long-term chronic pain. As a result of whiplash, you may suffer from inflammation of the joints, pain, and stiffness, loss of mobility, headache, stiffness or pain in the shoulder, upper back, or arms, dizziness, and fatigue.

Damages Following a Car Accident:

Depending on the circumstances of the minor car accident in Georgia, the injuries you sustained, and how the case was handled, there are different types of compensation you can receive. When another party is to blame for the accident, you may be entitled to file a claim against their insurance company because of their negligence. In some cases, you may also be entitled to file a claim with your insurance company to recover certain losses.

Medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and other economic and non-economic losses are types of compensation you are entitled to after an auto accident. You can get help determining what type of compensation you are entitled to from an accident lawyer.

What About Pain and Suffering After a Minor Accident?

Unless medical bills exceed a certain amount, pain and suffering are not an option in states with no-fault injury accident laws. Georgia, however, is an “at-fault” state, which means the victim of the accident can seek damages from the insurance company, regardless of who is responsible.

A minor traffic accident can result in you suffering injuries due to another motorist’s negligence. You have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries, including pain and suffering. It is up to you to bring a case and win compensation for your pain and suffering. In a minor accident, it may be more difficult as compared to a severe accident to prove your pain and suffering.

According to how the damage is calculated, you might experience a variety of pain and suffering.

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