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Car accidents generally bring the most traumatic experience that one can go through. A car accident in Georgia is especially the worst of its kind. According to the Insurance Information Institute, there were 1,377 fatal crashes in Georgia in 2019 with 1,491 people killed. Survivors of crashes are often left with serious injuries.

What You Need to be Mindful of After a Car Accident in Georgia:

While there may be different reasons for these misfortunes, one needs to know their next step after meeting a car accident in Georgia. Some of the essential elements to be mindful of are as follows:

Stay at the Place of Accident:

Leaving the scene of an accident prematurely opens you up to the possibility of getting accused of a hit-and-run. You must not leave the scene until the police arrive.

Don’t Apologize at the Moment:

Apologizing is not a good idea in the case of a car accident in Georgia. Your mere “sorry” could be used against you, holding you responsible for the accident when you were actually the victim. Hence, the ideal solution is to stay quiet and let the police investigate who is at fault.

Exchange Contact Details:

After an accident, you must exchange your contact details with the other party. You must also get the insurance details and vehicle registration number of any drivers involved.

Collect Evidence Before the Police Arrives:

After you have met with a car accident, another essential thing for you is to collect evidence if you can. Take pictures of the vehicles from different angles, your injuries, and any road debris. Speak with witnesses and get their contact information.

Inform the Police:

Informing the cops on time is the most crucial aspect of dealing with the aftermath of car accidents. Georgia law requires drivers to report any auto accident that causes injury, death, or damage over $500 immediately. You should call the police right away in these cases. If the accident hasn’t caused any injuries or significant property damage, you should still submit an accident report to the local police station.

Provide Information to Cops Based on Facts:

Whether police arrive at the accident scene or you go to the station, police will inquire about the entire accident and demand factual information. Thus, when you talk to the cops, you must remember all bits and pieces of vital information. Additionally, if you doubt something, avoid talking about it with the police.

The police may also ask you about the injuries caused by the accident. But, many victims suffer hidden injuries that aren’t noticeable until after a few days have passed. If the police ask whether you have been injured or not, tell them that you do not know instead of telling them that you have not been injured at all.

Medical Assistance:

Medical assistance is another mandatory step, even if you have not suffered any injury. If anyone has serious injuries, call an ambulance right away.

If you think an ambulance is not required, you should still visit a nearby hospital. It’s essential to see a doctor is essential, so they may determine if you have any hidden injuries and provide a record of your injuries and treatment.

Contact the Insurance Company:

You need to contact your insurance company and inform them of the accident as soon as possible. Insurance companies may deny your claim if you wait too long or if there is insufficient proof (e.g., your injury has healed and there are no medical records).

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