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Dealing with car accident injury claims becomes overwhelming. Having an Athens GA auto accident lawyer by your side can have a significant impact on your ability to recover losses. After an accident, severe injuries and loss of life happen. The accident injuries may include traumatic brain injury, disfigurement, and fractures.

When the injuries are not your fault, you should not bear the expenses because of someone else’s negligence because you are entitled to get compensation for your damages. The damages suffered after an accident are usually both financial and physical. In 2020, around 38,824 people lost their lives due to car accidents.

When choosing the right attorney, a lot of factors are considered but their fee may not be a significant factor in making the decision. The majority of car accident attorneys use contingency fee agreements. Understanding the value of the claim and knowing about the fee of a car accident lawyer is essential to proceed with the case. If you have a dedicated lawyer the chances of winning the case increase significantly.

Contingency Fee and How an Athens, GA Car Accident Lawyer Operates:

In a car accident or personal injury case, a contingency fee agreement is one of the most common agreements that an Athens, GA auto accident lawyer takes with the plaintiff. Unless the car accident lawyer can obtain some compensation, they don’t get paid. Usually, the contingency fee is some percentage of the compensation recovered.

The standard contingency fee is often one-third of the total compensation amount. This means the plaintiff will provide a 33% fee to the attorney. However, this percentage varies depending on the complexity of the legal proceeding and the time in which the case settles. The percentage usually varies from 30% to 40%.

The litigation costs and other expenses are also considered during car accident cases. To litigate the case of a car accident, your attorney will incur the following expenditures:

  • Expert witness costs
  • Medical record costs
  • Court Filings costs
  • Police costs
  • Postage and mailing costs
  • Process servers

This fee adds up to a few thousand dollars. As soon as these expenses become due the attorney will cover them depending on the contingency fee arrangement. This will be deducted from the settlement. It depends on the arrangement whether the attorney will deduct this before or after receiving the contingency fee.

The Hourly Option:

Another type of billing used by an Athens, GA auto accident lawyer is the hourly option. Regardless of whether the client wins the case, the attorney receives a set amount on an hourly basis. The hourly rate depends on industry standards, the experience of the attorney, and the skills of the attorney. The hourly rate is $100 to $500 per hour.

Flat Fee:

For specific legal work, the attorney charges a flat fee. This type of arrangement is less common in car accident cases. However, if the client only needs an attorney for a specific task like sending a demand letter then a flat fee arrangement can work. Due to the unpredictability of litigation, this type of arrangement is not popular with car accident attorneys.

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Retainer and Contingency:

A retainer and contingency agreement is a hybrid approach. It includes a retainer for the attorney at the beginning of the case. Moreover, a contingency fee is given to the attorney when the plaintiff wins. The retainer amount acts as an advance payment in form of a lump-sum payment. The retainer amount can be a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident:

Car accidents not only bring physical pain but involve emotional trauma and financial damages. Suffering a car accident can have a great toll on your mind. If you have ever been involved in a car crash, you should follow these essential steps.

Immediately Call Paramedics & the Police:

It is essential for your case to immediately call the police and report the incident. Check your condition and call for medical help. In the majority of car accident cases, sudden medical help can save your life.

You should also ask the police officer for a copy of the police report. The police report involves basic information about the incident. To establish fault and liability, a medical report is extremely valuable.

Gathering Relevant Evidence:

More is always better when it comes to gathering important evidence. After the accident, a person experiences shock and it takes time to calm down. If you didn’t suffer any serious injury try to note down the information of other drivers including their name, address, contact number, insurance details, license plate, description of the driver, and vehicle.

Try to take photos and make a video of the scene of the crash. With the help of your attorney, you can also take footage from traffic and dash cameras. If you see any witnesses, note down their contact information for the future.

Contact an Attorney:

Insurance providers aim to undermine your claim and reduce the settlement offer for your case. They tend to offer a tiny percentage of what you truly deserve. Contacting an experienced attorney is highly significant for the outcome of your case. You should always speak to an attorney to know about the best legal options available to you.

The Value of Your Claim & Contingency Fee

Knowing the actual worth of your claim is essential to obtaining the right compensation. The payment provided to attorneys is often contingency-based for personal injury cases. The value of your claim evaluates the total payment of your attorney.

You can recover the following damages and these damages make up your claim:

  • Lost income
  • Medical expenses
  • Property expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • On-going treatment expenses

Hire a Professional Attorney:

You may wonder why you should get in touch with an Athens, GA personal injury lawyer after an accident. Having an experienced attorney helps in making your case stronger. Our attorneys have years of expertise and knowledge in dealing with similar cases. We will help you in gathering the relevant evidence, documentation, filing the lawsuit, and negotiations.

If you or your loved ones suffered a car accident, don’t let insurance providers exploit your case. We are here to protect your legal rights while you focus on a healthy recovery.

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