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A high-impact car accident can leave you feeling the effects of shock, pain, and fear after being involved in a traffic accident. If you are not at fault for the accident, you may feel scared, shocked, or incapacitated after experiencing it.

An Athens, GA automobile accident attorney can help you learn more about what you need to do after a car accident where you were not at fault. Your actions immediately following an accident can have a significant impact on your health and legal case.

According to the Athens-Clarke County Police Department, 4,433 traffic accidents were reported by the Georgia State Patrol in 2021. 1,759 people were injured, and 25 people died in traffic crashes.

In an auto accident, the most important thing is to make sure you and all other people involved in the collision are okay. Here are some steps you should take right after a car accident.

  • Call the Cops:

Call 911 and tell them of any injuries. Make sure you and the others involved receive medical attention. Once that is done, we can assist you with your car accident claim.

  • Avoid Arguing:

Getting into a fight with another driver is pointless.

  • Get Info From Witnesses:

Make a list of all witnesses and their contact information. There is a possibility that a witness will not stick around for an officer to arrive, or that the officer may not be able to record each and every witness statement. If you fail to record the names and contact information, the witness may never be found.

  • Take Pictures:

Photographs can help document the dangerous driving conditions, road obstacles, the condition of the vehicles, and other factors that may have contributed to the crash. Take photographs of your vehicle, the other driver’s vehicle, and the accident scene if possible.

  • Get the Driver’s Insurance Info:

You should take a picture of the other driver’s insurance card for extensive details. Do not speak with an insurance company before speaking with your Athens, GA automobile accident attorney. This information can be printed back and forth from the card.

  • Be Respectful:

Whenever possible, be courteous to the police officer. Turn off the stereo, leave the phone in the vehicle, and call the officer by his or her name. It’s not anyone’s fault that there is traffic on the roads and the officer or insurance agent is late to the scene of impact. If you think the other driver was driving distracted or intoxicated, let the other driver know and ask that person to get tested.

  • Take Your Stuff:

It may be a long time before you get to see your car again in case it is towed or if you are transported by ambulance. Make sure that valuable items are removed from your car in that case.

  • Do Not Post Anything:

Avoid sharing details about the collision on social media. Posting about the collision online is likely to hinder your case rather than help it.

Car Accident in Athens Georgia

Do I Need to Call the Police?

The police should be notified, regardless of whether it is a minor bend in the bumper or a major crash. If the other driver is at fault for the accident, having a police report can help you hold them responsible.

The best thing to do is to call the police, tell the officer the accurate details about what happened, and leave it to them to prepare a professional report for court and insurance purposes. Even if the other driver does not want the insurance company’s policy to intervene, it is still safer to call them and let them execute their protocols.

Your insurance company will want a copy of your claim, so it is helpful to file one. A police report will also facilitate your insurance claim. Your insurance company will want a copy of the report and having one will speed up your claim process.

What Information About This Incident Should I Have?

As you arrive at the scene of the accident, you will have to gather various relevant information. This information will be of assistance to you during the insurance claim process.

Before leaving the scene, make sure you have the following information:

  • Details about the other driver, including their name and contact information
  • Information about the passengers in the other driver’s car, including their names and contact information
  • Details about the police investigation and the other driver’s insurance policy
  • Information on the vehicle’s make, model, and color
  • Identify all individuals who witnessed the accident and contact them
  • Details concerning the officer who answered, including name, contact information, and badge number

Do not argue about who is at fault or what happened; leave those disputes to your insurance company and the police.

While you wait for the police, draft any detail you remember about the incident. Draw a short map showing the directions of the cars involved in the collision. Include the current weather conditions and any other possible circumstances surrounding the accident. Both cars should be photographed so that damages can be adequately documented.

Who Should I Call About Insurance?

If you are involved in an accident where you were not at fault, you might be wondering what firm you should name if you are looking for compensation. The most secure way is to speak with your own auto insurance company.

A representative can let you know what type of insurance coverage you have for medical expenses, non-public injury, and collisions. If the opposite driver does not have coverage, you can use your uninsured motorist insurance. An Athens, GA automobile accident attorney can help you in this regard.

You may further have the option of submitting a third-party claim if you were not at fault. A third-party claim is when you go after the other driver’s insurance coverage.

Hire an Athens, GA Automobile Accident Attorney:

Please contact our Athens, GA personal injury attorneys if you are considering using our services after a car accident. We will not charge you until you have been compensated.