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In the state of Georgia, the rate of road rage and undue aggression has been escalating unexpectedly. While considering only Atlanta, there were over a dozen road rage shootings in 2021. According to Sergeant Jay Trawick of Georgia State Patrol, there are things drivers can do to avoid road rage.

Road rage contributes to Georgia car accidents. In this article, we explore how to deal with aggressive drivers.

What Is Road Rage?

When a motor vehicle driver smacks or collides with another motor vehicle driver with some harmful or threatening object, this situation is called road rage. This act can jeopardize other people’s property and life. Typically, a driver tends to exhibit rage and anger when the act of fellow drivers on the road annoys them and causes them to respond with aggressive behavior.

What Causes Road Rage?

Several factors contributing to road rage accidents are as follows:

  • Traffic congestion
  • Running late
  • Ignoring and overlooking traffic laws and other vehicles
  • Persistent aggressive behavior
  • The situation of anonymity

What Are Some Forms of Road Rage?

Road rage can manifest itself in several ways, including:

  • Tailgating
  • Exclamations of curses directed at the other driver
  • Honking too loudly
  • Gesturing in anger
  • Making other vehicles unable to change lanes
  • Breaking the traffic laws by running a vehicle off the road
  • Extending your lane in front of another vehicle
  • Ramming another vehicle intentionally from behind
  • Exiting your vehicle and confronting the other driver

How Should One Deal with Aggressive Drivers?

It is possible to protect yourself from aggressive drivers and avoid extremely harmful road rage accidents by using a few useful tips:

  • If you feel rushed, you are more likely to engage in risky driving behavior that could lead to road rage accidents; Plan your departure ahead of time so your behavior on the road is not hasty
  • You do not know what sort of day other people are having, so be patient, empathetic, and drive responsibly
  • Apologize quickly if you accidentally cut someone off or do anything else that is wrong
  • Make sure you keep a safe distance between your car and another vehicle; Georgia car accidents can occur if you follow too closely, which could lead to road rage accidents
  • Excessive horn usage may seem like it is helpful, but in reality, it causes annoyance to other drivers and encourages aggressive driving
  • Do not engage a driver who appears to be acting aggressively, avoid eye contact as much as possible and drive carefully and responsibly
  • Whenever an aggressive driver is continuously following you, do your best to get away from them. If that means pulling off the highway or driving to the nearest police station, do not hesitate at all; however, never allow the driver to follow you into your home or workplace.

If you stop your vehicle to confront another driver, you could easily end up in a deadly situation. It is advised to stay inside your vehicle and avoid making any kind of talk with the angered driver. This is for own your safety.

Aggressive Drivers Can Be Held Responsible for Georgia Car Accidents:

Driving aggressively is illegal, dangerous, and unreasonable in all examples presented above. Generally speaking, an aggressive driver is negligent, and a personal injury lawsuit in Georgia could be filed if that driver caused a car accident or motorcycle accident that injured the victim. An injured victim may also be able to claim punitive damages as aggressive driving is particularly dangerous and almost certain to cause an accident.

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