Georgia Car Crash: Determining Liability for Rear-End Crashes

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Managing the aftermath of a Georgia car crash becomes overwhelming for the people involved. In the United States rear-end collisions are very common. It is usually believed that the driver who causes a rear-end car accident is considered at fault. However, this is not always true when it comes to rear-end crashes. You can also be held liable if you are rear-ended in a crash. In 2019, around 1,537 motor vehicle deaths were reported in Georgia. Accidents not only bring physical injuries but cause serious mental and emotional distress. Having an experienced attorney by your side proves to be beneficial for the outcome of your case.

Rear Driver Liability in a Rear-End Georgia Car Crash:

As a driver, you have the responsibility to stay vigilant and obey all traffic rules. A Georgia car crash occurs due to the negligence of one or more drivers. It is always advised to maintain a safe distance between yourself and the next car to avoid a crash in case of sudden brakes. You should avoid following another vehicle too closely. The distance you keep from the vehicle in front of you depends on several factors such as speed, road conditions, and traffic. Keeping a 3-4 seconds gap can save you from serious consequences. The leading cause of rear-end crashes is negligence shown by drivers. This is the reason why mainly the driver who rear-ends is held liable for the crash.

Exceptions to Liability:

Distractions behind the wheel and failure to keep a safe distance can cause rear-end collisions. There are certain situations when the front driver is considered responsible for the accident. You can be liable for a rear-end crash as a front-driver if:

  • You drive in reverse
  • You are distracted
  • Your tail lights and brake lights are not working
  • Slow or stop to make a turn but do not turn
  • Stop suddenly without a reason
  • Failure to use hazards
  • Failure to move after a traffic light is green

These factors may transfer some or complete fault of the accident to the front driver. Determining the fault of the accident requires a thorough investigation.

Rear-Ended and Pushed Into Another Vehicle:

Imagine a situation where you have stopped at a traffic light and you are behind another car. Suddenly, another vehicle rear-ends your vehicle and the force causes your vehicle to move forward and crash into the car next to you. Will you be responsible for rear-ending another vehicle in this situation?

You can be held liable for the crash as you are required to keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. However, the situation may differ if the driver who rear-ended you was speeding. The force from the rear-end collision caused your vehicle to be pushed into another vehicle. If you maintained a reasonable safe distance then you won’t be liable.

Comparative Fault:

Several elements are involved in car accidents. Often there are more people at fault. It is also possible that both the drivers share the fault. Any person who has contributed to the accident will be liable for the damages. Your liability will be increased when you contribute more to an accident. You should also remember that the damages will be reduced according to the blame. You will also share the liability for the damages suffered by others in the crash. If you are partially or completely responsible for the accident, you should always speak with an attorney. The insurance providers and others involved in the accident will try to undermine your claim. You can recover financial damages including medical bills, lost wages, and property damages. Victims are also eligible for emotional damages.

Hiring a Professional Attorney for a Rear-End Collision Claim:

These accidents are very common. The expertise of a professional can help you in dealing with a Georgia car crash. You can never predict when a vehicle will be struck from behind. Protecting yourself becomes very difficult in such cases; you are entitled to receive compensation if you have been involved in a rear-end crash.

If you or your loved ones suffered a rear-end crash due to someone else’s negligence, speak to our experienced attorney. We have the right expertise and knowledge to fight for your rights and we focus on getting the maximum compensation for your damages. Our attorneys will help you build a strong case to attain successful outcomes; talk to us now and get the best legal advice according to your case.