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There can be so many reasons behind car crashes. Amongst these reasons, distracted driving in Georgia is considered the most common reason behind massive accidents. With each passing year, the number of vehicles on the road increases, and so does the number of crashes. Most of the time, upon review, the reason that comes to light is the lack of attention from the driver’s side. For this reason, traffic rules do not allow drivers to concentrate on anything else but the road. However, all drivers do not adhere to these rules, resulting in horrific accidents. Even a minor collision can have a great impact on an individual’s life.

According to statistics, there are nearly 344,000 car accidents registered each year in Georgia. Most of these cases are the result of distracted driving. From arm fractures to dislocated body parts, there are so many consequences of these crashes. Thousands of people even lose their lives in these dreadful accidents. All of this happens only because one person was busy chatting on the phone or was too focused on their food rather than the road. On average, a dozen people lose their lives every day just because of distracted driving.

How Is Distracted Driving in Georgia Defined?

Under the laws and regulations of Georgia, a driver cannot engage in any other activity while driving on a road or a highway. In simpler words, when you are driving your vehicle, pay strict attention to the road in front. Even a second’s distraction can lead to something terrible. So, while on the road, avoid doing the following things:

  • Adjusting the CD player or radio
  • Eating/drinking
  • Ordering food or looking at menu cards
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Talking with other passengers
  • Talking on the phone
  • Texting/messaging people
  • Putting on makeup or adjusting your hair
  • Looking at the back unnecessarily

These tasks might look simple but also divert your attention from the steering. No matter how trained you might be, never commit the mistake of doing these things while driving.

The Hands-Free Act:

Nowadays, the state of Georgia has passed a new regulation to discourage drivers’ use of mobiles. The law states that:

  1. Drivers can under no circumstance hold a phone while driving
  2. No driver is allowed to text or call via phone (not allowed to use headphones)
  3. Driver’s cannot pick the phone for even recording purposes

If an officer on duty finds a person driving and holding a phone, they can detain or fine the driver. The officer won’t need to present any other justification because distracted driving is itself a great offense.

Penalties for Distracted Driving:

Distracted driving is now a misdemeanor offense that can cause drivers to pay heavy fines. If a person commits the crime for the first time, then they are fined up to $50 and points on their license. Whereas for the second time, the fine doubles and so do the points. With each incident, the fine increases by 50 to 100 dollars.

Distracted Driving Affects the Insurance Premium Rate:

Driving violations such as distracted driving not only add points to the driver’s license but can also cause the license to be confiscated. Over speeding or breaking a red light can also cost you your license. Usually, people with more than 15 points within two years have their driving license suspended. Along with the license, another factor to ponder upon is your driver’s insurance. Although points on a driving license are not the only factors that affect the cost, they have a certain role in the entire situation.

Insurance agents check your previous records to determine whether you are a safe driver or not. Some insurance companies increase the cost of the insurance if the points on the driving license are higher. For example, individuals with 3 points or more pay twice as much as normal insurance money. Likewise, each violation costs you a certain amount annually or monthly. A driver labeled as unsafe will need to pay a higher insurance premium in comparison to drivers who have a good record.

Hiring a Professional Attorney:

If you are a victim of a distracted driving accident in Georgia and need a lawyer for your case, then we are here to help you. Since you suffered due to someone else’s negligence, you deserve compensation. Whether you received a minor cut or a major fracture, the other party must pay your medical expenses. Get in touch with our seasoned attorneys to discuss your case in detail. We try our best to fight for maximum compensation and to make the journey easier for you.

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