How to Avoid Thanksgiving Roadway Car Accidents in Georgia?

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The holiday season is coming ahead and many of us have started planning for family gatherings, fancy dinners, open-air brunches, and much more. Many of us also plan long road trips with our loved ones. These journeys may involve traveling across multiple states and overnight camping trips. Whatever the case might be, it is vital to ensure that all safety precautions are accounted for. Such journeys on long routes could also be a cause of some of the most terrible car accidents in Georgia.

The Facts about Thanksgiving Holiday Accidents:

American Safety Council (ASC) reports that car accidents dramatically increase during these exciting days. Between 2001-2006, an estimated 500 fatalities and thousands of severe injuries are observed in this season. It is imperative to be cognizant of the potential damage car accidents in Georgia may cause as millions of families are out and about on the highways.

Following are some factors that significantly increase the risks of holiday accidents include:

Travelers from Another Town:

Certain risks may arise when an out-of-town traveler drives their car in Georgia. They will be unaware of the roads and the driving culture. This may cause them to face certain hurdles and challenges and might also lead to traffic blockages. Therefore, it is recommended to plan all your routes to avoid any hurdles on the way and refrain from any spontaneous lane changes or stops.

The thing about the triangular area is that the drivers driving in that vicinity could make any sudden stops or lane changes. It is preferred to keep a safe distance from every vehicle on the road and keep an eye on any aggressive drivers.

Adverse Weather Conditions:

Out of the six million annual car crashes in America, The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) reports that around a quarter are attributed to terrible weather conditions. The Administration reports that more than half of the accidents are caused by rainy, wet conditions. Moreover, if you are heading towards the mountains or northern areas, icy roads and snowfall could also play a major role in car wreckage. You should keep in mind all these hazardous weather conditions and take it easy on the tires of your vehicle. Do not rush to reach your desired location and do not over speed on such road conditions.

Negligent Driving Behaviors:

The careless actions of other drivers are termed as the most common factors causing holidays accidents, as per The Safety Council.

Freeing your mind and body from all external as well as internal distractions is the key to enjoying a peaceful and safe road trip. This is due to the fact that a new place and sceneries may distract the driver and on the other hand, a driver can be sleep deprived or fatigued due to excessively long journeys. It is vital to completely focus on the roadway and do not take your hands off the steering wheel in any case.

How to Plan for Your Holiday Trip:

If your car breaks down during a road trip with your family, it will put all passengers in the vehicle at risk.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends ensuring the viability of your car before planning long itineraries and checking whether the vehicle is capable of such long distances. Following are a few basic steps to make sure before hitting the roads in this Thanksgiving season:

  • Make a habit of frequently checking up your car’s battery health, brakes, and fluids
  • Ensure that your wipers and fully operational and that you have adequate washer fluid
  • Properly check your car’s headlights, brake lights, and indicators
  • It is essential that you have a first-aid box with you on your journey; Ensure that it contains all the basic tools that may be required in case the car breaks down.

We suggest you enable your live location wherever you go so that a friend or family member can keep track of your whereabouts at all times. Always keep a power bank with you or charge your phone and other devices before leaving the house. Do not make any unplanned stops or detours. Promptly notify the responsible authorities in case of the car break down, and wait outside the vehicle at a safe location.

How Lawyers Can Help After Car Accidents in Georgia:

The attorneys at Massey Law will guide you professionally, as they have vast experience in dealing with car accidents in Georgia. We will not let reckless drivers and insurance adjusters undervalue your claim and will make every effort to provide you with fair compensation.

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