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A testimony of a witness plays the most important part after a Georgia car accident in proving your complaint. However, the witness who is testifying should be adequately credible. According to the Georgia Department of Transportation’s Crash Analysis, there are 342,534 accidents in the state of Georgia, in which around 133,555 people got injured and 1,703 accidents were fatal.

Benefits of Having Witnesses:

Witnesses are considered the most important especially in traffic accident cases. There might be some inconsistencies in the stories of both parties and witnesses are there to fill that gap. It is vital that the witnesses provide a completely unbiased testimony of the actualities of the wreckage, and is a stranger, not in any way connected to the parties.

The testimony given by the witness can be extremely imperative as it will reveal if either of the party is withholding some essential information regarding the case in an attempt to conceal the reckless behavior. If more witnesses repeat the same story, the judge and jury will go with the testimony of the witnesses. It is likely that the verdict will be in favor of that party which is favored by majority witnesses.

The Importance of Unbiased Witnesses:

A complete and detailed story should be put forward before the judge, lawyers, and insurance companies so that they can grasp the story better. It is possible that drivers and passengers both have distorted views about the accident. They might hide something to benefit themselves or present conflicting facts from other parties. The real facts of the impact might be blurred due to the anxiety caused by the accident.

If the negligence of the other driver has caused you severe injuries, you could use the help of a credible witness to help you make your case. The unbiased statement of a witness might be able to help you get the compensation that you deserve.

The witnesses who were at the scene of the Georgia car accident can provide the actual happenings, and who might be at fault. Their testimonies can fill in the gaps in drivers’ stories. It can also prove which party is telling the truth and which party is lying.

A person who has no vested interest in the case will be considered reliable and credible. That person would give an unbiased perspective of the accident. Your family members or someone close to you by any means will not be deemed as the prime candidate.

The witnesses who might be considered as credible include someone who came to the scene to help the injured, a passerby who saw everything that happened at the crash or any other driver who was not involved in the accident, and the one who called the police.

Questions to Ask When Determining a Witnesses’ Credibility in a Georgia Car Accident?

You might be thinking, how a witness will be considered credible. You should ask yourself these questions for the reliability check of the witnesses:

Was The Person There at the Scene the Whole Time?

If the sound of colliding cars or yelling of people caught their attention, they might lose some credibility as they did not see what happened.

Was The Witness Busy at the Time of the Accident?

Their statement might be considered less valuable if they were busy with some work.

Can the Witness Recall the Details About the Incident?

Can they recall what happened at the time of the accident? If the signal turned red, or someone took a wrong cut? With the passage of time, the memory of what happened might fade and the witness might forget the details of the whole accident, which could result in loss of credibility.

Are the Witnesses in Any Way Connected with Either of the Driver?

If the witnesses are friends or relatives of any of the drivers, this might bring up a lot of counter questions from the opposition.

Was the Witness Involved in the Incident?

If the witness was involved in the accident, they would be considered as the victim of the accident. This means their statement would not be considered credible.

Does the Story of the Witness Have the Question of Doubt?

If the witness is a convicted felon or has a past of lying or mental illness, it can be intercepted as an unreliable source of testimony by the court.

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