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The feeling of being followed or stalked can be very disturbing for many people. You may not just be paranoid for thinking that someone is constantly following you after being involved in a Georgia car accident. You might actually be under surveillance by the other party’s insurer. When an injury claim is filed by a car accident victim, the insurance company of the other party tries to find ways to dishonor the claim so that they may avoid paying for their compensation. This usually involves any negligence or wrongdoing on the victim’s part.

As per the data gathered by Georgia Public Health Department, car accidents are the major cause of injury deaths in Georgia. Georgians throughout the state are affected by them. In the year 2017, fatalities due to car collisions proved to be the leading cause of deaths among children as well as adults. Georgia being the 8th largest population in America had the 4th largest number of traffic fatalities in the country.

Hiring Investigators is a Legitimate Act:

While you may feel like your privacy is being disrespectfully invaded, the law permits insurance companies to investigate you after a Georgia car accident. They might stalk you in public spaces, but they cannot spy on you while you are inside your workplace or your home. This simply means that they can watch you while you are driving on the road, hanging out with friends, dropping off your kids at school, or any other routine activity performed in public spaces.

What Do They Want?

In short, the insurance company is scouring for anything they can get their hands on, in order to completely avoid a payout or at least reduce the amount of their payout. They will look for any indication or evidence that you might not be injured at all, in case you report a specific type of injury.

For instance, if a crash victim claims that they cannot go to work or even get out of their bed due to the severe back pain caused by the impact, the insurer may argue that the victim’s claim is fictitious if the investigators from the insurance company find the victim exercising at the gym or picking up groceries or other things.

In some cases, when they think that you are bragging about your injuries and that the damages you endured are not as serious as you claim they are, they may look for your engagement in activities which your injury will not permit you to engage in. In such situations, the insurance company only challenges the extent or gravity of your injuries. They do not deem it to be completely fraudulent.

The Investigation Process Described by a Georgia Car Accident Attorney:

Insurance companies have numerous ways of checking up on accident victims. The extent of their investigation is directly proportional to the value of the injury claim and the rules and policies adopted by the company.

They might start with stalking you on Facebook and other social media outlets, such as Instagram or Snapchat. They search for any evidence, posts, or videos on such social media platforms to see whether you are engaging in activities that your injury does not allow, or you claim you cannot perform due to the injury.

They may also hire a private investigator if they wish to dig deeper, depending upon the value of the claim. The investigator might tail you when you drive to work or perform any outdoor activities, especially those which you claim you are unable to perform. They might also take some pictures.

If the investigation leads to any indication of wrongdoing or misconduct, they might even interrogate co-workers and other people you know to obtain evidence of a fictitious personal injury claim. However, it is not that common for insurers to go all out and interview other people.

Securing Your Georgia Car Accident Claim:

It is advised to follow your doctor’s prescription and keep it confidential. Posting about the injuries on social media can adversely affect your claim. Any claims you make can be used against you by the insurance company, therefore, we suggest not talking to the media about details of the car crash.

You should also consider deactivating your social media accounts until the dust settles. For example, posting old pictures of traveling on your social media accounts can also be used against you in court. Moreover, avoid interacting with unknown people on your socials.

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