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Distracted driving is becoming more and more common on roadways today than ever before. With a number of devices and items in a vehicle, it is easy for a driver to become distracted without even knowing it. These distractions can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle or hit the car in front of them without even realizing it.

When involved in an accident caused by a distracted driver, you need the help of an Athens accident lawyer. They can help your case and prove negligence by a distracted driver. There are many types of distracted driving. These are the most common to consider when distracted driving caused your car crash.

  • Eating and drinking: When a driver is eating, it causes them to keep their mind on the food they are consuming and not on the wheel. This can cause them to swerve into oncoming traffic or lose control of the vehicle altogether. Just like eating, drinking can also create a dangerous situation when driving on the road.
  • Electronic devices: This is the major culprit of distracted driving as drivers are consumed with their electronic devices. They may be trying to text someone or make a phone call. This can cause them to look down at their phone rather than keep their eyes on the roadway.
  • Inattention: When a driver has many thoughts on their mind, it can create inattentive driving. Drivers may not see obstacles, vehicles, or even pedestrians as they are deep in thought. This can create a dangerous situation injury occurs in a car accident.
  • Passengers: Drivers may also be consumed with the passengers in their vehicle. They may be talking to them and not paying attention to the traffic on the road. This can cause them to go through a traffic light, drive too slow or fast, or just plain not see the vehicle next to them. All of these can create an accident where someone gets hurt.
  • Reading: As odd as it sounds, reading is another way that drivers are distracted on the road. You may be surprised that it is even possible to read a book or newspaper when driving, but it does happen. This is as dangerous as it sounds and can easily cause an accident where injuries occur.
  • Music: Everyone loves music, but it can actually distract a driver from the road. These distractions can put another driver in danger and cause an accident. Drivers that blare their radio can easily lose sight of the road and cause a crash.
  • GPS: Finding your way on the highway is a challenge when you are unfamiliar with the area. Using a GPS is helpful, but it can cause a distraction that puts another person at risk. Use a GPS sparingly, and driver focus should be on the road at all times to avoid an accident.

Let your Athens car wreck lawyer know if you suspect that distracted driving was the cause of your car accident. Your Athens accident lawyer can win your case and get you compensation for your injuries and property damages.

How Can an Athens Accident Lawyer Help Me?

An Athens accident lawyer can help you with your car crash case when a distracted driver is involved. They can show negligence by a distracted driver and work to win your case. Let your Athens car wreck lawyer fight for your legal rights. They can get your compensation for your injuries and property damages.

When you work with an Athens accident lawyer, you will receive full representation throughout your case. They will guide you through the legal process and help you win your case in court. While most cases do settle out of court, your Athens car wreck lawyer can negotiate a fair settlement with an insurance company with a distracted driver.

Your Athens accident lawyer can prove distracted driving in a car crash. They can build a strong case that wins. They will investigate your car accident claim and prove the negligence of another driver. You are not alone after a car accident. Your Athens car wreck lawyer can help.

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