Multi-Car Accident: How Do You Figure Out Which Party You Can Sue?

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It can be difficult enough to figure out who to sue when you’re involved in a regular car accident. Things get very complicated when it’s a multi-car accident. Regardless of how many cars are involved in a motor vehicle accident, the drivers typically point at each other to assign blame. Nobody ever wants to admit that they could have had something to do with the crash.

In reality, it is very rare that anyone driver will be 100% at fault for a car accident. Our Athens car accident lawyers understand this and that’s why they will pursue as many parties as necessary to make sure you have the best chance of recovering the compensation you deserve.

Here, we will discuss why it’s so hard to determine fault in multi car accidents. We will also explain what your car accident attorney in Athens, Georgia will do to make sure that they can prove which of the other drivers caused the accident. There is a chance that you may be found partially at fault. And that’s okay.

Georgia allows a plaintiff to sue even if they are partially responsible for their injuries. What your Athens car accident lawyer will do is make sure that this amount is low enough that you still recover enough so that you’re not losing anything out of pocket.

It Can Be Hard to Determine Fault in A Multi-Car Accident

It’s difficult to determine fault in any car accident. When there’s more than two drivers involved, it gets even more difficult. This is when it’s very important that you have the police come out to investigate the accident. The police will give your attorney an unbiased view of what happened.

They will determine what chain of events transpired to result in three cars being on the side of the road. They will also make sure that you’re taken to the hospital so you can be treated for any potential injuries you may have.

While you’re taking care of your medical needs, your Athens car accident lawyer will be taking care of the legal side of things. They will review the police report and any eyewitness statements to determine which of the drivers were mostly at fault. They will make sure that your insurance claims are filed against both of the other drivers’ policies.

If need be, they will file suit against both of the other drivers and anybody else involved in the crash. One blessing about multi car accidents is that you have more than one party to pursue for damages. As far as your accident attorney in Athens, Georgia is concerned, it doesn’t matter who pays your damages as long as they’re paid.

Your Athens Car Accident Lawyer Will Have to Prove Fault

As briefly stated above, you’re Athens car accident lawyer will have to prove fault in a multi-car accident. Even though there’s more than one vehicle involved, they will still have to prove negligence. The problem is that they’ll have to prove negligence against not one, but two defendants. The best way to do this is to approach each driver independently of the other.

You don’t want to point out that one driver may have started the chain of events and that the other driver is innocent. It’s in your best interest to show that both of the other drivers had something to contribute to your injuries. Of course, your attorney can’t make up the facts. But they will use the police report and any other tools at their disposal to prove your case.

You Will Also Have to Sue Multiple Parties

Once your accident attorney in Athens, Georgia files suit, that is when things will become more complicated. More than likely, you will have attorneys for both defendants involved as well as attorneys for both insurance carriers. You never know which two parties are going to gang up on the other one. Typically, if you’re the plaintiff in the matter, you will be considered the lynchpin.

The two defendants will try to band together and say that neither of them were at fault that it was your fault that the car accident happened. Your Athens car accident lawyer will fight back and submit enough evidence to prove that you were an innocent victim in all of this and that any part you played was minor.

The Good News is that Your Accident Attorney in Athens, Georgia Knows Exactly How to Handle Your Case

If you’ve been involved in a multi-car accident, you probably have no idea what you’re supposed to do. You know you need to file a claim against the other drivers’ insurance carriers, but how do you go about doing that?

It’s okay if you aren’t sure what to do or where to turn. What you should do is call and talk to one of our accident attorneys in Athens, Georgia. Not only can we help you figure out what to do next, but we’ll handle the legal side of things for you.

The thing about multi-car accidents is that the injuries tend to be more serious. They can be complicated because there are so many different moving parts. Your Athens car accident lawyer will unravel these parts and put them in some semblance of order for you. Then they will pursue the responsible parties to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

We recommend that you call our office and schedule your free, initial consultation. This gives you the chance to sit down with a seasoned accident attorney in Athens, Georgia who can review your case and let you know how best to proceed. If you decide to retain our services we will help you file your claim against either of the other drivers insurance carriers.

If it comes to it, we will file suit against both drivers to make sure that we have the best possible chances of recovering the damages you deserve period since your initial consultation is free, you have nothing to lose.