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It’s 2020, so is texting behind the wheel still a thing? How are cell phones still an issue for drivers and others on the road? As our cell phones have gotten smarter, the users have gotten more hooked on these various features and find it even more difficult to put the phone down when traveling. Drivers, passengers, and even distracted walkers have all played a role in cell phones being related to tragic accidents. If you’ve been injured in a texting & driving accident, Ross Massey is here for you.

Here are a handful of ways that cell phones are still being used behind the wheel, and statistics on how often cell phones are causing accidents. The use of cellphones is not declining, but the use of cell phones used by drivers should decline drastically in the upcoming months in years.

Are Cell Phones Still A Driver Issue?

Yes. Cell phones are still a very prominent driver issue. The University of Utah determined that cellphone users are approximately five times more likely to get into a crash. Now, I’m like in past years this is not related exclusively to texting, although texting remains are a prominent driver issue.

Now because of the advancements in cell phone technology, people are texting behind the wheel, using social media while driving, and even streaming video content. That’s right, the driver that seems as though they’re all over the road might be streaming reruns of The Office while they’re on the freeway.

Texting and Driving Habits

Texting is still the most prominent distracted driving behavior. About 51% of iPhone users and 35% of Android users report regularly texting while driving. Additionally, between 20 and 40% of cellphone users acknowledge that they regularly take photos while driving, and 27% of iPhone users report that they regularly browse on social media behind the wheel.

Texting may still be the most prominent driver distraction, but it certainly isn’t the only element of a smartphone that can pull a driver away from their focus on the freeway.

What is often not covered are the benefits of distraction-free driving. Teens and adults alike will nod their heads and say, “we know it’s safer,” but how much safer? With distracted driving as one of the top crash elements in the nation, it’s hard to pin a number to the issue, except to say that distraction-free driving could drastically change our nation.

Imagine, just from the NHTSA number, if those people weren’t killed or injured as a result of distracted driving. That’s 2,841 people who died in 2018, and their family members who were affected. That is one year and does not include those who were seriously injured or permanently disabled because of distracted driving.

How Phone Companies and Vehicle Manufacturers are Changing Distractions

Although major phone service providers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are taking steps to reduce distracted driving, Phone manufacturers are going the other Drivers that use iPhones or had access to Apple Carplay are about twice as likely to use video chat, Instagram, and stream videos while driving.

The phone service providers mentioned here are turning to applications and general phone settings that make it easy to activate a distraction-free driving environment. On the other end of the spectrum, mobile system operating platforms are making it easier to switch between phone functions, use apps, and engage with their device. This prompts drivers to believe that their phone isn’t so distracting.

Help for Distracted Driving Accidents with an Athens Car Accident Lawyer

Everyone knows distracted driving is terrible, but clearly, it doesn’t stop the majority of the population from doing it. If you were involved in a distracted driving collision in Athens, GA, call Ross Massey. Our attorneys take immediate action to determine the cause of the crash and to expose the element of distracted driving. You may not have access to key evidence such as cell phone records of the distracted driver, without taking legal action to formally request that information.

When you decide to take action against the distracted driver, you will want a legal professional on your side. Call our Law Offices directly and find support from the right attorney for your case. With our support, we can help you find evidence to prove that the other driver was texting behind the wheel, or obtain information from witnesses that support your claim. Distracted driving leads to most accidents, but it can be difficult to prove during crash resolution. Don’t go It alone.

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