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Are you ready to really put up a fight? Car accident cases and claims are not always as exciting as you might expect. But there are ways that you can be more interactive with your case and have a bigger role in resolving your claim. You don’t have to stand out on the sidelines and watch everyone else do the work. For many people, it’s extremely uncomfortable to watch professionals jump through hoops and then sit there feeling helpless.

Be prepared, jump in, and take part in these elements of your Athens car accident case.

Have Regular Check-Ins with Your Attorney

Many people make the mistake of waiting for their attorney to call them period now well it’s convenient for attorneys to be able to make their calls when they see fit, it’s not always effective for the claim. Attorneys often have far too much to do in much too little time, and their paralegal team and administrative teams are often just as overworked.

To ensure that you stay on your attorney’s radar, have regular check-ins. Take the initiative and call an even if they can’t take your call right away know that they’re going to call you back. When they do call, have a list of questions or concerns or topics of discussion ready so that you can fire through what you want to address and get updates about your case.

Talk to Your Medical Team Often

Doctors are intimidating and make many people anxious. That’s right; it’s out in the open, most people don’t like doctors and are not comfortable around them. The downside of this is that the patients often don’t get their best treatment because they are afraid to ask questions or to really get involved in their medical care.

When you’re talking to your medical team, make sure that you always ask about different treatment options and the most likely outcomes. Doctors, like every profession, have different comfort zones, and while one doctor may suggest rest and relaxation, another doctor may suggest chiropractic care or physical therapy. Make sure that you ask these questions and let you explore what option is best for you with your entire medical team.

Document Your Notes on Everything

Keeping careful documentation is critical because most of the information you get in the doctor’s office, you will have probably forgotten before you get in your car. Not only are doctors giving you a lot of information in a very short amount of time, but they’re likely using a fair amount of vocabulary that you don’t run into every day. It may be difficult to remember specific medical terms, treatment options, and tidbits about their opinion. But all of those things can be vital in preparing your claim for compensation negotiations or for going to court.

While it’s extremely difficult to remember everything that you hear, it is rather easy to reference what you write down. Now you can take notes in an old fashion notebook, or you can take notes on your phone. Typically doctors will not permit you to record audio but will be happy to ensure that you’ve taken accurate and complete notes while you’re in the office.

Plan for Negotiations and Court Possibilities

You may or may not be there for negotiation discussions. However, you can mentally prepare yourself for a variety of outcomes. There is the outcome that you’ll get everything you asked for, but it’s a bit of a dream. Then come others the outcome that you may get something in the middle between what you asked for and your bottom line. Additionally, there is the opportunity that you get your bottom line or nothing at all.

One of the best things you can do to be prepared for your claim is to understand that all of these outcomes are very real possibilities.

Call the Athens Car Accident Attorneys at Massey Law

As a victim, you have more options than two stand by and wait for a compensation check. You can take action, and you can Carefully document your experience as part of the crash resolution. Don’t hesitate to take active steps to work towards a full and fair compensation Opportunity in your claim.

Contact Massey Law in Athens to get support from some of the most passionate attorneys in the car accident field. We take car accident victim claims extremely seriously. We’re happy to work with you and work for you to ensure that pain, at suffering, economic, and non-economic damages are all a part of your demand and part of negotiations. If negotiations don’t go as planned, then we’re going to work with you to move your case forward.

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