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A lane change accident in Georgia occurs when a driver spontaneously changes lanes without indicating other drivers on the road. Unfortunately, this puts everyone at risk. Reckless, aggressive driving, missing blind spots and attempting to overtake another vehicle are a few factors leading to such wreckages.

Georgia law allows individuals hurt in a motor accident to claim compensation from the party at fault. This is because the negligent behavior of the culprit has caused the victim to miss their work, accumulate medical costs, and miss time with their family. You are entitled to a payout if you incur an injury in a car accident in Georgia. Get in touch with our firm if you want the fair compensation you deserve.

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driver distraction has majorly contributed to as much as 31% of the driver leaving a parked position and occurs in more than 20% of lane changing accidents.

What Is an Improper Lane Change?

Improper lane changes are widespread. Basic laws state that all drivers must use their indicators and inform the other drivers first while changing lanes. Moreover, all cars should use a single lane with roads with two or more lanes. Maintaining adequate distance between other vehicles is also the responsibility of the driver.

They should practice sound judgment when changing lanes. There is also an expectation to keep the rear traffic in the loop. Overtaking a school bus, construction zones, and other no-passing zones do not allow changing lanes. These are some places where it is illegal to shift between lanes. Therefore, it is deemed an improper lane change when drivers switch lanes in such areas.

Improper Lane Change in Georgia: How Much Is the Ticket?

There are severe punishments in Georgia when someone makes an improper lane change. Drivers may face up to $1,000 in legal fines. Adding points to their driver’s license could be made, which could easily lead to more penalties. For instance, a valid driver’s license will be suspended if a driver credits 15 or more points to their license within two years. Offenses that lead to additional points on a driver’s license are embedded in an individual’s records for about seven years.

On the other hand, traffic schools are not penalized for wrongly changing their lanes at first. However, when there are multiple offenses by a traffic school, they may attend a traffic school to mitigate the severity of their violation. Moreover, procedures for civil penalties should be followed through a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit for drivers who kill or injure others in an improper lane change accident.

How Do You Prove Fault in an Improper Lane Change Accident in Georgia?

The reckless act that the negligent driver was engaged in at the time of the wreckage assists in determining the culprit in a wrongful lane change accident. For instance, if there is an argument that the driver was texting while driving, your lawyer can subpoena their mobile phone to verify the statement. On the contrary, blood tests and breathalyzers could prove if the driver was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Police reports, witness statements, and other video or photographic evidence can serve as practical means to prove the faulty party.

Where Do Improper Lane Changes Happen Most Often?

Any road having two or more lanes can easily witness an improper lane change accident. However, these accidents most frequently occur on highways. As these drivers are speeding on the highways, they often miss the blind spots granting them less time to steer clear of a car collision.

A few other occasions where such incidents take place include:

  • Curves and hills
  • Intersection
  • Work zones
  • On roads having more than one lane, especially facing harsh weather

What Should You Do If a Driver’s Improper Lane Change Causes an Accident?

The following are steps to take when you have a lane change accident in Georgia:

  • Seek Shelter:

You should not, under any circumstances, flee the scene of the impact. Instead, take your car somewhere safe,e, so you do not block traffic on the road.

  • Call the Police:

Promptly report any damage or injury worth more than $500 to the relevant authorities.

  • Document the Scene:

You should try and document everything at your disposal. This majorly helps in having a rock-solid base for your case in front of the court.

How Our Georgia Car Accident Lawyers Can Help:

We pride ourselves on being the leading law firm successfully practicing every genre of car accident claims in Georgia. If you or anyone in your family has been in a lane change accident in Georgia, give us a call today.

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