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We see news feeds almost every day of hit and run accidents. Some of these involve pedestrians, and others involve other vehicles. But, what happens to these victims after the news reports die out? The victims of hit-and-run car accidents are usually forgotten, not just by the media but by the many people that should be helping them. It is as discouraging as it is disappointing.

The Athens Police Department certainly does their fair share to help locate the drivers involved in hit-and-run back students and help the victims get access to certain resources. Victim resources through the justice department, however, are not exceptionally helpful. In fact, it’s likely that the insurance company will take a greater interest and victim resources then what most victims find through justice department resources. The purpose of the insurance company’s help, however, is completely selfish. They just want to sign the driver, so they don’t have to be the ones to pay out if you have the right insurance to even access payout.

Police Departments and Hit-and-Run Accidents

Local police departments have an active role in all hit and run accidents and investigations. Fortunately, many of their investigations do produce some results. However, sometimes these results or findings, months or even years after the accident. For example, a woman was just arrested in March of this year for a hit and run accident that happened in 2019.

This particular hit-and-run involves a fatality. The investigation took five months. What police have noticed is that typically hit and run drivers will repeat the offense.

How Often are Hit-and-Run Drivers Found?

AAA estimates an average of 682,000 and run incidents happen every year. And the hit-and-run deaths have increased by about 7.2% every year since 2009. it seems as though, and there’s no end to this growing issue.

We honestly have no idea how often the hit-and-run drivers are actually caught or found. The struggle is that there that plenty of open investigations at any one point. Some drivers are caught because they pulled another hit-and-run. Others will confess that they were involved in one crash after the police acknowledge the suspicion. However, many are caught because of social media, surveillance videos, and canvassing.

What Options are Available Without Finding the Driver?

The best methods are canvasing and using resources such as CrimeStoppers. When media announce a hit-and-run, they’ll often promote the description of the vehicle with expected damage. For example, “white Chevy Camaro with damage to the driver’s side front hood and side.”

Through these approaches, police can find many hit-and-run drivers. However, they also tend to work with local businesses. Some business’ surveillance cameras can capture detailed images of the vehicle. Sometimes cameras can even get a license plate. These details can drastically change the likelihood that you’ll find the driver. You may not get the chance to work so closely with the police.

Police will often work without involving the victim very much. An outreach associate may be responsible for communicating details of the investigation, but often they can’t communicate much.

Get Support in a UM/UIM Claim with CAIL, Your Car Accident Lawyer in Virginia Beach

If you have the ability to file for an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim through your insurance, that is the first step. However, if the Athens Police Department is able to locate the driver responsible for your hit-and-run, then we’ll be there for that claim to. A hit-and-run accident is serious, and as a pedestrian or another vehicle driver, it likely resulted in substantial injury. People don’t flee the scene of a crash when they think the other driver is perfectly fine. They certainly don’t flee the scene of a crash when the pedestrian is able to just get back up and walk off.

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